Cajun Night Before Christmas

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Cajun Night Before Christmas

Author/illustrator James Rice

This Cajun accent (if real) is a bit different than where I grew up. It is so interesting, how many different “Cajun accents” there are in Louisiana.

Tangent: My Grandmother only spoke Cajun French till she was about 8 years old when she was forced to learn English.

She went on to mention that she cried and didn’t want to learn how to speak English. Thay was until she realized that it was a way she could get a break from picking cotton, corn, and grain; IN A DRESS! Women were not allowed to wear pants till she was an adult and then she never put on another. (LoL)

I miss you Mawmaw… I will be sure to have a Holiday Highball for you this evening. I love you. CJ

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