Whispers of a poet's heart

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Where Eagles glide on faith

Where sunrays are prismatic

Where raindrops are quenching

Where snowflakes are distinctive

Where poppy fields never die

Where lush grasses cover mountainsides

Where dreams stretch higher

Where children swing on laughter’s

Where all chasms are bridged

Where the sun meets its shadows

Where lakes are a truly reflective

Where sandy beaches are inviting

Where rivers of truth flow forever

Where a casting moon showers

Where lost hearts rediscover love

Where tears are replaced by smiles

Where gentle hands are caring

Where fingertips are for painting

Where trees sway in endless breezes

Where sadness drift away like tumbleweeds

Where our cherished memories are relived

Where wrongs are only futile

Where rights are what’s normal

Where nothing remains the same, continually

Where grief becomes suspended

Where death of all life is abated

Where every day’s go on and on

Where you…

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