Lemon Trees and Marigolds

Secret Thoughts Within

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Lemon trees and marigolds
Browning grass beneath my toes

Crayfish in the backyard creek
Soaking shoes and muddy cheek

Kicking legs on rusting swing
Listening to nature sing

Cubbies built on vacant land
Fortress in earth’s wonderland

Drawing on the paperbark
Fleeing home before it’s dark

Humid nights in hot lounge room
Lightning strikes and thunder booms

Memories from days of old 
Of lemon trees and marigolds

For my siblings and our summer memories

Well my friends, I’m going to be taking a short break from WP until the end of the year. Apart from two collaborations I’m working on, I will embrace rest.

Thank you so much for all your kindness and support this year; it’s my joy to create and share with you. I treasure the community here and the people who inspire and push me to explore poetry and writing further. Allow me…

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