December Moon Heartbreaks

Kim V. Poetry

The waning December moon begs
Me to let you go.

And my heart is breaking for it.

She tells me what my mind senses.
That you’re no good for me.
But my soul doesn’t feel that way,
It cries out for you and your slow
Touches and deep moans.

She knows me better than you do.
But like I’ve said so many times before,
My blood sings for you.
It yearns for you.
In all the different timelines,
In all of space and eternity,
There is only you.

And my heart is breaking for it.

She whispers in my ear at night,
You know.
My dearest Selene,
Goddess of the Moon.
She tells me what she sees,
What’s my future and my past.
She whispers of you.

Tears stream down my face
As she sings me a lullaby of pain
And sadness.
She knows my thoughts and desires.

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