Without You

Kim V. Poetry

Because me without you,
Is wrong and incomplete.

You see,
Our story begins
At the meeting place between
Between the stars and the horizon.
Where the oceans meet the
Where the universe starts its
Grim fairytale and where my
Dark heart finishes it.

I saw you across the cerulean waves,
Under the light of the waxing moon,
And you offered me a new life;
An eternal one.
A life without the sting of rejection
And the fatal arrow of heartbreak,
Cleaving my soul in two.

You came to me like a dream.
In hushed whispers and
Seamless shadows,
Perfumed in sea breeze,
Wrapped in a chilled fog;
And I knew you.

I knew you as I had known
In the forever lifetimes.
And I laid down my sins
To pray at your feet,
Like a midnight mass
On the deserted beach.

I spoke to you
In a…

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