I Will Love You Forever, Too (In Notion Press)

A Beautiful Love Poem From Mich!!!


poem from my 5th poetry book “I Will Love You Forever,Too”

Goodnews!!! To all my friends and followers in India, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia paperback copy is now available via the Notion Press online store.

How Many More Poems

how many poems do I need to write
to tell you how much I love you?
I’d count from one to ten
or maybe ten over a hundred,
I don’t know,
I really can’t tell
for every time my pen bleeds
it bled more of you, and when my verses scream,
it screamed of love, love for you

how much of my creative thoughts
do I need to pour,
to tell you how much I love you?
I’d like to paint the world in blue
(for it is the perfect hue you adore)
I’d like to create a bubble for you
where you’ll never get hurt, never be blue
for every…

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