Chai And A Chat #162 #ChaiAndAChat

But I Smile Anyway...

Well, hello there, Peeps! How are you? What a week… (I apologise if sny of what I type makes no sense, as I am writing this, tired, and with a bit of brain fog – might be related to that booster jab I had on Saturday…)

Are you ready with your drink?

  • If we were having chai I’d tell you that I feel done in. School is tough. I can’t even really explain it. But what with Covid Rates going up, and staff members dropping lile flies, it’s not an easy place to be, right now. We are supposed to be thinking about the nativity, but something tells me we won’t be able to do one, again, this year… I just can’t… But, in other Covid related news, I had my booster jab, at least!
  • If we were having chai I’d tell you that once the week finished, we ended it with…

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