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Can’t Concentrate? You’re Probably Not Getting Enough of These 10 FoodsLauren CahnUpdated: Oct. 29, 2020Are there meals that can mend your mind? We asked the experts for real brain foods: Here are the treats they recommend you try.AFRICA STUDIO/SHUTTERSTOCKEggs“Your brain needs fuel to function,” says registered dietitian, Elisa Bremner, the campus nutritionist at the Pleasantville Cottage School in Westchester, New York. And although there are several ways to feed your brain through your belly, complex carbohydrates are the best choice for the minute-to-minute fuel the brain needs to run smoothly. But your brain also requires specific nutrients to help build and maintain neurological structures. For example: “Choline is essential for our brain’s neurotransmitters,” says Bremner. Egg yolks are the most concentrated source of choline in the American diet, providing 680 milligrams per 100 grams.”It’s a common misconception that egg yolks are not healthy,” says Bremner. “They’re actually a very important source of choline, which is essential to the brain’s sending the right messages to the rest of the body, which is, in turn, essential to a feeling of well-being, and the first step in figuring out how to focus better is figuring out how to feel better in general.” (Avoiding the worst foods for your brain will help, too.)DJERO ADLIBESHE/SHUTTERSTOCKSpinachPopeye knew what’s what: Improving your focus (and strength!) is just one of the great reasons to eat your spinach. Bremner recommends it because it’s a good source of choline, loaded with fiber, and packed with tons of nutrients, all for just a few calories. Spinach has the potential to improve mental clarity, according to a study published in 2015 in the journal Alzheimers & Dementia. More research found that feeding aging rats spinach-rich diets significantly improved their learning capacity. Another study found that spinach is good for gut health and, says Bremner, when the gut is healthy, the brain works better. “An unhealthy gut can create a sense of uneasiness in the body, which can cause or even feel like anxiety,” she says, which ranks high among other notable focus wreckers. “When we’re feeling anxious, how to focus becomes less of an issue,” Bremner points out. Get both eggs and spinach in one meal with this veggie omelet.ADVERTISEMENTADVERTISEMENTMAMA_MIA/SHUTTERSTOCKYogurtLike spinach, yogurt is good for the gut, which is, in turn, good for the brain, making it one of Bremner’s top foods that help you concentrate. Among the many foods that help boost good bacteria, yogurt ranks high thanks to lactobacillus, which helps regulate a metabolite known as kynurenine, which is associated with mood. Lactobacillus can help improve depression symptoms, according to recent study. Like anxiety, depression can make focus elusive. Bremner points to a study out of UCLA demonstrating that regularly eating yogurt boosted brain function in women. According to the study author, Kirsten Tillisch, MD, an associate professor of medicine in the digestive diseases division at UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine, “Our findings indicate that some of the contents of yogurt may actually change the way our brain responds to the environment. When we consider the implications of this work, the old sayings that ‘you are what you eat’ and ‘gut feelings’ take on new meaning.”SPONSORED CONTENTThe Only Guide to Loading a Dishwasher You Will Ever NeedBy KitchenAid — Yes, there is a correct way to load a dishwasher.DMITRIJ SKOROBOGATOV/SHUTTERSTOCKBlueberriesBremner tells the students she works with to “think of blueberries as brainberries.” Numerous studies have found that blueberries are the equivalent of brain food. Recent research from Tufts University found that a diet rich in blueberry extract has the potential to enhance short-term memory, which, of course is crucial to focus. “Blueberries are rich in polyphenols called anthocyanins, which give them their distinctive color,” says Diane L. McKay, PhD, an assistant professor says in the Tufts Health and Nutrition Newsletter. Anthocyanins are plant pigments that provide certain fruits and vegetables with blue, red and purple coloring, and they’re antioxidants, which are crucial to good health in general. In terms of benefiting cognitive function, “blueberries are one of the more potent foods,” according to Martha Clare Morris, PhD, a nutritional epidemiologist at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.LARISA BLINOVA/SHUTTERSTOCKRed cabbageLike blueberries, red cabbage contains anthocyanins—36 different ones, if you’re counting. Bremner includes it on her list of go-to focus foods because it’s also rich in fiber and low in calories. Additionally, research suggests that red cabbage provides a uniquely efficient anthocyanin delivery system: The more you eat, the more you absorb.ADVERTISEMENTADVERTISEMENTZEFIRCHIK06/SHUTTERSTOCKAvocadoYou’ve probably heard about all the health benefits of avocados, but these creamy treats will h

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Scraps Of Experience – a Pantoum by Paul Vincent Cannon


Image: Reinhardi

“Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect.” Alan Cohen

Scraps Of Experience My story comes from scraps of experience remembered, morsels of of a life held in the balance of strange uncertainty, shape-shifting like a wraith seeking a new perspective amongst the lingering darkness of an emotional unknown. Morsels of a life held in the balance of strange uncertainty, somehow not remembering the loneliness of forgotten language amongst the lingering darkness of an emotional unknown, that which lies in the hidden underneath of past lives. Somehow not remembering the loneliness of forgotten language eating away the inheritance of my connection to imagination, that which lies in the hidden underneath of past lives, the meeting of my unknown self along cobbled stones at night. Eating away at the inheritance of my connection to imagination, shape-shifting like a wraith seeking a…

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The woman who has herself

Rhapsody Bohème

Artwork by Sophie Wilkins

From time to time I share not only my own musings but also things I come across that speak to my heart and touch my soul. These things are often connected to timing and to a passage of my journey. This is one such thing and I think it is beautiful.

When a woman has her self you can enter or leave her life, you can flatter or judge her and she, she will receive or say goodbye to you kindly, and she will thank you and understand your shadows because she already knows hers.

You probably won’t tolerate it and at the same time you want to own it and you will end up walking away from her if you don’t have the courage to respect her.

When a woman has herself the universe dances at her feet, and SHE rises.

She becomes compassionate.


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