Write Like No One is Reading

A Writer's Path

Writing, just like anything else in life, must be done to please oneself. Must be done to let one take the sinews of their heart and the breath of their soul, and transcribe them somehow onto the page before them. It’s one of my most favourite feelings in the world, finishing a piece and knowing it captures how I’m feeling exactly, because then I can make that feeling known to others, which in life, I feel is one of the most difficult tasks to do.

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Jagged Puzzle

Sarah Doughty

“Everything about you tells a story
— good or bad, it doesn’t matter —
and those stories should be known.”

No matter how the light catches, all I see is beauty in the details. Your every flaw tells a story — whether good or bad, it doesn’t matter — and those stories deserve to be known. Don’t cover them. Don’t hide them. Don’t pretend they don’t exist. Because if they are part of this view before me, then they make up each piece of a jagged puzzle into a masterpiece. They make it beautiful. They make it unique. They make it whole.

© Sarah Doughty

It’s beautiful, seeing these details.
Don’t hide them away.

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