Seed of Hope

Raw Earth Ink

Bravely she took his outstretched hand
And folded her own into it
He offered her solace
Peaceful rest
Beautiful lyrics
An open heart
In exchange for…. what?

He asked nothing of her
Just simply and inexplicably
Held forth his hand

A soft light shining in his eyes
Glancing down at their entwined fingers
Her heart dared to dream
Could this be?

A seed of hope planted
New life seemed to stir within her breast
Maybe this time would be different
Perhaps the years and her past
And her varied emotions and all that shit
Which she carried around with her

Nor the great distance between them
Would for just this once
Not interfere or hinder this glorious
WE they’d just begun

Just maybe
His love would span and cover all of it

And as he lifted her chin to gaze deep
Past her tear-filled blue eyes
Right into her…

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