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Come and Read this from Didi

Didi's Art Design

As long as the world is divided
Harmony cannot reign
It cannot be spoken in one opinion

As long as there are screamers in the world
Who call attention to themselves
There can be no reasonable politics

As long as people divide each other
Not realizing that we are all one big family
There can be no peace in the world

Until we learn to be one
To love and trust one another
Money, hatred, and envy will continue to rule the world

As long as the understanding of oneness does not blossom in our hearts
The cracks in the world will widen, problems will grow
Deep insight cannot shake us awake

May we all awaken before it is too late….

DidiArtist, 24.11.2021

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Reblogs – Penny Wilson & Angelique Rose

I Write Her

We fear not being loved. Yet in other relationships, love is so hardcore and evident. Why is great love always at the extremes of the spectrum?

From You Lips by Penny Wilson

your lips  
the word I  
wish whispered most is  

When Death Came Knocking by Angelique Rose

I understand why she wanted 
To walk away from this world 
Why, when death started knocking 
She opened the door and let him in. 

She was tired of all the moments that her heart broke 
She was tired  of mustering  all her strength to put it back together 
She was tired of the endless fear  
The chipping away of her plaster encased heart 
And the fragile contents within. 

When death came knocking  
She smiled and opened the door  
“I’ve been waiting for you” she said  
“Take me, death.  I have grown impatient”   

What torture this life has been 

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Two poems up at the Bind Collective

Check it out!

The Cheesesellers Wife

Yay!! I have two poems up on the excellent Bind Collective site:


Compostable Love is all about the abundant life and wonder in a compost heap, while Meditation tells you about sowing seeds , that ‘promise to the near future‘.

Many thanks to Ella & Flo for publishing my poems!

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