The Way You See It

Allison Marie Conway

Accidentally saw the lunar eclipse, in all of its shadowy mystical glory, in the black of today’s early morning sky. Right through my bedroom window, just like that, as I cuddled in a hoodie in the dark and sipped my coffee as though we aren’t all just tiny specs of cosmic dust swinging through space and time while the universe does its wondrous thing regardless of whether we care to watch it or not. Indifferent as stone. Shadow eclipses shadow, and again the light emerges like a miracle if you still believe in those.

I’m on shaky ground there myself and have been for a good while now. It can make your life feel eerily haunted when on the surface things appear smooth, happy even, chill. But underneath there is something inside which is always running and I don’t mean running like on legs down the street, I mean running…

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