That Which You Seek

Allison Marie Conway

She spreads her legs and the shattered world disappears into her precious flower, opening and expanding, flowing out like the sweet milk of celestial bodies. Spinning light and darkness into eternity.

Remember that sunlight emerges, cut with boundaries, slicing, selecting sides. Piece by piece, dissected.

You contemplate duality. You run your fingers along her neck. She offers it to you.

You recall a time you felt most ashamed. You kneel your naked knees to the edge and expose yourself, raw, before the wolves. They smell your slow blood, you need the hot pierce of teeth.

Show me the places where you make yourself break.

Remember we design our own pain.

May I lick you back together. Or would you bleed yet remain the same.

May I part your ribs and tear you all apart for the cruelty of it. Remember that darkness knows no boundaries at all, only horizon after…

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