Gratitude to Happiness

Daily reembrace

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Adding a few more things that I’m thankful for….

Gratitude that brings Happiness


I’m so grateful for…

– I actually need to think about this one because I actually like mornings more. I’m shocking myself saying this because nighttime brings good time too. It is weird for me to have any love for mornings because for me getting up early is the worst thing… ever! However, I look forward to my sweet cup of hot coffee every single morning and it is the ONLY reason that I get up and out of bed!! So, I guess I would like evenings more if I had coffee to look forward to…I mean, I’m an adult… I can add coffee to my evenings if I want to… right? When it comes to being thankful for the evenings, somethings that come to mind are; one after all long busy day it’s…

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never ours to lose ~


forgive my heart
for failing –
arms for letting go
denied the faith
for more than want –
some other fate
to know

when all is lost
remember this –
love I keep for you
hands resolved
to holding
what was never ours
to lose

take and know
for all that was
within my heart
years succumb to living
lifelines split

pressed as one
into the glass –
truth negating time
a kiss
to haunt my whisper
breath the same
as mine

. . .

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