🙄Suspiciously Saturday🤭

Kyt Wright

close up photo of woman biting her lower lip Photo by Ali Pazani on Pexels.com

1.   Lucky dip is self explanatory when it comes to gifts, but how did it originate? Because it was a barrel full of mousetraps and only one present, if you didn’t get your fingers caught you were lucky. 🐁
2.   Why is seven considered a lucky number? Ask Snow White, 😉
3.   Why is thirteen considered unlucky? Because Christmas ends on the thirteenth day. 🎄
4.   Why do they say elephants never forget? Elephants… what are elephants? 🐘
5.    How did slippers get so called? They were originally made out of banana skins. 🍌
6.   What are the doldrums? The timpani section in a tiny orchestra. 🥁
7.   Do igloos have central heating? Not usually but the ones that do are known as puddloos. 💦
8.   What was a jamboree bag? They were used or keeping unneeded scouts in until banned in 1905. ⛳

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