I’m being truthful!

Keep it alive

Frankasked these either/or questions;


  1. Do Housework or Yardwork?
  2. Clean the Kitchen or the Bathroom?
  3. Do Laundry or Dishes?
  4. Mow or Edge the lawn?
  5. Get up early or Stay up late?
  6. Cook or Eat Out?
  7. Go to a restaurant or Order take-out/delivery?
  8. Vacuum or Dust?
  9. Have a Large Party or a Small Gatherings?
  10. Read Fiction or Non-fiction?

My answers;

1. House work is easier for me.

2. Either is fine if done regularly, otherwise the kitchen would be my choice.

3. Laundry, any day.

4. Mow the lawn. I can do that standing up.

5. Get up early. And that what I do daily.

6. Eating out if someone else is paying.

7. Go to the restaurant so that I don’t have to do the dishes.

8. Vacuum!

9. Small gathering of friends or family.

10. Fiction!


Thanks Frank for these fun questions.



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