Deciphering this Enigmatic Life

Confab With Me

The listlessness, 
the emptiness,
the yearning,
the longing,
often we are crowded in such emotionalturmoil without being able to comprehend why?

Why do we long to meet someone?
Why do we fall in love with people who we know will only give pain?
Why are we nostalgic about the past that is engraved deep in our hearts?
Why do certain places keep reappearing in our conscious mind, making us restless all the while?

The answers to all the whys are hidden in the depth of our souls.

When we don’t learn to be content with what life has bestowed us.
When we blind our soul with an imaginary beauty that pretentiously shimmers a tad more than what we possess.
When we fail to look within ourselves.
When we yearn in the past and remain anxious for the future.
When we don’t…

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