I’ve been tired


When I watched the sunset with you

it was visible in your eyes that you’d been tired too.

Of those who have turned you into

the heartless cloud of hidden emotions.

I couldn’t show you how much the pain existed

in moments that are beautiful to the world.

Unfortunately, two broken pieces when are collected

make things uncontrollably beautiful.

Like the stars, I believe are moulded and shaped in a way to show,

they have been paired with the shine of others glow.

Why is it so much to show my damages in places other own?

In the tears of showing your magnificence,

I wanted to utter that I’ve been tired too.

But all I said was “I’ll help you in the process of healing your soul”.

-Riya Shah

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Just meat and tales of kisses…


Just meat and tales of kisses

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Quotes from Jack London book “When God laughs”

"“Well, I have. He was like this beefsteak. You an’ me is eatin’. It was once steer cavortin’ over the landscape. But now it’s just meat. That’s all, just meat. An’ that’s what you an’ me an’ all people come to-meat.”
Jack London

He gathered her into his arms and kissed her. “I wish it were the custom,” she said in a faint voice, from the midst of the embrace, “because then I’d have to marry you, Ned… dear…wouldn’t I?”
                                   Jack London

                                Just meat and tales of kisses….

Civil men are few.
True leader stand for the right things.
Will not accept self-gain and profit.
Bought men are crooks with fake smiles.
Liars and thieves will pay for their action in hell.

Silence, calm and peace should be the…

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Secret love and hidden want….


Secret love and hidden want…

Image result for artwork of lover embracing

Fiery eyes woman watched the Poet read his words at the Poetry reading at the Monterey coffee house.
Her sweet voice like sweet honeys asked him as he sat with her.
How do you ascend into private hell and don’t regret the final destination?

The old Poet told her. The dead can’t love. They don’t need love. There are many ways to die.
The private hell isn’t so bad.

She declared. You are foolish. You don’t want to be captive and bounded by sweet kiss and embrace?
You don’t want a lover at your feet. A willing woman taking you to wild and not so tamed places?

Old Poet smiled. He looked at the beautiful and tempting woman and told her. I have wished for days
and nights where passion is everlasting. I want tender flesh against me. It was my only goal once. I

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Poetry: Honey

MarieAthena & Co

For a lovely lass whom I loved very much x

She tastes like honey and moonlight

And in the starshine she flew free

Silver in sultry delight like an echo

Of women long forgotten and her mood

Rises like sweet sugar cakes in an oven

Crackling with the fires of passion

A kiss and a kindness and a touch

Of love and afternoon delight

In the evening and maybe sand

Gets everywhere but nevertheless

You taste sweet like sunshine

And a midsummer night’s dream


Marie Athena xo

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Johnny Cash Sunday. —She used to love me a lot.


She used to love me a lot…

I saw my ancient love and she was drinking the whiskey straight, sitting alone at the Purgatory Inn in Ann Arbor. I told the waitress, send the pretty lady a drink of her want. The waitress looked into my eyes and she whispered. Johnnie, she knows, you are here. She is just waiting for you. I wouldn’t waited for a coyote like you. You left Jenny three times for your damn war and now why did you return? Damn coyotes love the long highway, new kisses and the unknown. Did you learn anything Johnnie? I embrace the waitress, kissed her forehead and I told her. Dear Leona, I learn no-one win in war, we are born alone and we will die alone. I know now, love is life, life is love too late. I know, you can’t return from the places you left…

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Last chance saloon…


 Last chance saloon…

I was the Monday night closer manager at the Purgatory Inn. I was counting the money and a pretty lady was waiting for me. I watched her roll her cigarette and I enjoyed the view of her black lingerie stocking on her long legs. Her long black hair reached down her back and I told her. 1/2 hour sweeties, do you want a drink?

She smiled and she told me. “Whiskey straight, maybe a double, maybe one or two ice cubes.” I poured three Black Velvet whiskey shots into  a regular drink glass and I dropped two ice cubes in. I went to her and I handed the drink to her. She over-reached the drink, caressed my hand. She whispered, hurry up Johnnie. Never polite to allow a girl to drink alone.  

I finished my work and her drink was empty. I brought the Black Velvet…

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Deciphering this Enigmatic Life

Confab With Me

The listlessness, 
the emptiness,
the yearning,
the longing,
often we are crowded in such emotionalturmoil without being able to comprehend why?

Why do we long to meet someone?
Why do we fall in love with people who we know will only give pain?
Why are we nostalgic about the past that is engraved deep in our hearts?
Why do certain places keep reappearing in our conscious mind, making us restless all the while?

The answers to all the whys are hidden in the depth of our souls.

When we don’t learn to be content with what life has bestowed us.
When we blind our soul with an imaginary beauty that pretentiously shimmers a tad more than what we possess.
When we fail to look within ourselves.
When we yearn in the past and remain anxious for the future.
When we don’t…

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One hug


The crisp paper crackles
sending a frisson up my spine
the familiar sprawled letters bring back memories
I had pushed in the recess beyond recollection

the imagined fragrance takes me to the doorway of past
I hesitate at the threshold,
hovering. The staircase of longing beckons

destined to live apart, we had blazed briefly together
toying with fiery passion
and then treading the path chosen for us

in the twilight of a predictable life
ripples threaten to rock the anchored boat
yet I give in to temptation without demur

as he strides towards me with his eyes twinkling
I rush forward and embrace him
unmindful of the people milling around

there will be no more tomorrows for our togetherness
this one hug will be enough to colour my monotone dreams;
enough to live by.


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