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Wednesday Song-James Carr-Love Attack

🖤I have always felt that James Carr was sadly over looked in his time… Enjoy. 🖤

Now here I am
With this pain in my heart now
I got a sweet little woman
Took my heart and
She tore it apart

I tried not to show it
But it just ain’t no use

It’s just like holding on
To a hot rod now, baby
I can’t turn it loose now

I just had a love attack
Lord, I just had a love attack

Now my love life was nothing
In fact, it was a blank
Until you came along, ooh wee
You put a little tiger in my tank

Can’t you see you got me
Helpless right now, baby
Laid down on my back

You see I’m down, baby
Oh down, down from a love attack

I’ve had the mumps and the measles
Lord, I had…

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