Life is a Mystery

My Inspired Life

We have all heard the phrase, “six degrees of separation,” but sometimes God/Divinity sprinkles a little extra sparkle on the moment or situation. Let me explain. Last night I struck up a conversation with a stranger and a few questions into our conversation I discovered she knows my all-time favorite teacher who I have searched for, to no avail. I also discovered the reason for my failure to find my favorite teacher… she remarried years ago and has had a different last name since. When I learned this news, time stopped and the tears started. Unbelievable, but not. I made note of the name change, then gave the stranger my card to pass on to my former teacher and hope to connect with her soon. With more joyful tears, of course. I wrote about this teacher, Ms. Bergquist, in a former post, “Thank You for Caring, Teacher” What…

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