Poetry: Selections from Mark Tulin/A Thin Slice of Anxiety

Crow On The Wire

A big shoutout to Cody Sexton on his fine website–A Thin Slice of Anxiety–and for publishing my five poems. One of which is 1954 Black and White Photo printed below. The others are The Needle Jab, Fascist Wedding, Free Floating Anxiety, Disability of the Spirit.

1954 Black and White Photo, by Mark Tulin

Dressed in a mohair coat,
a suit and tie, and a Fedora,
my father posed for a Polaroid
on top of the Empire State Building
My parent’s on their honeymoon,
before my first breath,
before the sun shined in my eyes
and I discovered a moon in the sky
Before my world became a Tonka truck,
a snowsuit with mittens attached,
a three-wheel bike with streamers,
and a case of Celiac
I never thought an old photo
would have so much value
Until I saw myself
in the memory of my father.

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