Thanksgiving-themed Prompt Challenge (Guest Submissions)

Come Submit A Guest Post on Thanksgiving at The Go Dog Go Cafe! Great Opportunity!! Join in the fun!!!

Go Dog Go Café

Hello writers and fellow creatives! Here at the Go Dog Go Cafe, we have some exciting news! From now until November 20th, we will be accepting guest submissions for the Cafe! We want to celebrate the season of Thanksgiving and how gratitidue can impact our writing while also giving you the oppurtinity to share your work with our community at the Cafe!


  1. Write or create an original piece that is inspired by the season of Thanksgiving. The prompt can be used as the piece title; you can use the word “Thanksgiving” or be inspired by other aspects of the season.
  2. We will accept poetry, prose, flash fiction, essay, creative nonfiction or art.
  3. Pieces of writing should be 1,500 wordsor less.
  4. Your submission must be posted in the comments. Either as a link to a post or the full piece in the comments.
  5. Submissions will be reviewed…

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