Almost love….


 ( Almost love)
(Some short poetry)

                     I remember you

I remember those eyes. Those dark brown eyes,  so gentle and kind. You made me believe, there were miracles. You took my hands and without one word. We fell in love.
                    Skin and vodka

You came to me wrapped in the native clothing of Central American Just cotton wrap cover breasts and butt, I remembered your dangerous smile. Your brown hair moved slowly in the tropical winds and you whispered to me. You wanted to taste the sea, you wanted us to make love with the stars and the moon above. Dear Poet. Wishes may come true. I brought her close and I whispered. I want this night to last forever. You are perfect.


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My secret love


Secret love

Once brave man is quiet now. Bloody life led him to lonely place and the Monterey bay. He called a old phone number and he listened.

A sweet voice whispered. I am not home. If important, please leave a message and I promise to call you back. He hung-up the phone and he whispered to the Pacific.  I love to hear your voice, your whispering of kind words, poetry for me, my love.

 And I wish. You were near. I need your soft hands caressing my hair and my face. I want you to straddle me,  face to face.  I want you to kiss me a million times. I want you to sing to me till the morning sunrise and I need to hear your voice. 

Sometime we need secrets and some mystery of wishes. Oh, what we could have been. He  invited her to California, he invited…

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Love had taught me madness


Love had taught me madness

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
“I loved love. Love didn’t love me.”

Love had taught me madness

-Break me-

Please break me, make me bleed, show me I’m alive. Make me die and bring me back to life. Dead men revived, they know life can be okay.

Drink of my skin and eat of my flesh and make me scream. I want to become lost in you, I have accepted the bad ending. Fairytale ending are for children.

Wear the black dress and nothing else, I want the purple-black scarfs upon your wrists, I want you sing in sweet whispers, I want nothing Johnnie and I want everything. Be mine alone. Dark night allowed sober kisses and wild dance to expand to places. Places for the ghosts of love and kiss appeared.

In the purgatory of life. We need to beg for things we should…

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A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"I need the Pacific."

(Won’t be long. Michigan to California coastline. Coyote is going. Left California in 1994. Me and sea. Will be befriended. Maybe in June 2022.)


When I was young. I believed the hype about the Pacific and California. I was blessed. United State Army send me to her in 1992-1994. Skip L.A and you shall learn. Highway one, God’s country.

San Francisco to Big Sur.Wine country, the Pacific ocean and the most beautiful terrain,you will ever see.

Coyote is returning. The myth and hype about Highway one. Is true.

He will drink some whiskey for Hemingway in Monterey, he will dance with the sea in Big Sur. Drink the tasty wine in the Wine valley and he will listen to song at the River Inn.

I will take a thousand photos and I know. I will leave her again, knowing…

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