yellow paper dreams ~



I met you
on abandoned roads
where no one goes but friends of mine
are keeping up pretenses
for how it used to be –
swore to never say your name
but when choices came
I called you up
once or twice wondering
how you managed
just to be
the sweetest of a time
forgotten now

I met you
eastbound and northern
on trains that never touched –
but passed within a shimmer
of yellow paper dreams
on rails that sighed in my voice
stretched beneath
and miles beyond
ten thousand giant cedars
wing’ed ones –
remembered us to

I met you
on the coming back –
a story for repeating
you said you knew me
you knew me how
held as one an august night
as gentle rains
descending –
morning broke
in dust and smoke
its creamy winter skies

. . .

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The liar’s moon….


Liar’s moon

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Sometime we must pray for love.”

                       Liar’s moon…

The Coyote was quiet tonight, tranquil night allowed him to recede to the deep tides of memory. The warm days of Spring always awoke the memory of his sweetest friend. A sweet memory of a flower of the Spring. She was blissful and wild. He remembered they sang love songs to each other from a distance and they would find neutral ground to dance and sing.

“He sang to the half-moon, the liar’s moon.

 Alexandra, Alexandra, you bewitched my heart, One upon a blue moon, we danced and sang to Lake Huron. The full moon blessed us and we fell in the bosom of the forest. Lovely one, where are you now?”

The Raven watched the Coyote and he went to him. He asked…

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