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There are books to be read,
Music to be heard,
Places to be wandered,
Mountains to be climbed.

There are movies to be watched,
Sunsets to be soaked,
Cruises to be taken,
Shows to be binged.

There are laughs to be laughed,
Hugs to be given,
Laps to be warmed,
Friends to be met.

There are kisses to be got,
Doors to be opened,
Houses to be built,
Seeds to be sown.

There is love to be known,
Love to be had,
Love to see grow,
Love to be shared.

Books, music, laughter,
What can be better than that?
Except a Mother’s lap?
We can dream of success,

Read Kipling’s IF,
Choose and choose,
Paths and crossroads,
Chase highs and victory.

But what about the waves,
We didn’t let touch our feet?
The smiles we failed to return?
The words we used to maim?
The thoughts we let rule?

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