Monday Song… I’m Over You.. Keith Whitley

Don’t Miss This Great Country Song from Keith Whitley!!!

Rhymes, Writings, and Confessions to Small Crimes

What is a scorned love with out a sad country song?

I have a very limited tolerance for Country Artists… But Mr. Whitley is truly one of the greatest in my book…

Where there’s a cloud don’t mean there’s rain
Tears in my eyes don’t mean there’s pain
Don’t flatter yourself, I’m over youThings aren’t always what they seem
You can’t believe everything you read
Over my face, I’m over you

You heard I’m drinkin’ more than I should
And I ain’t been lookin’ all that good
Someone told you I was takin’ it rough
Why they makin’ those stories up
When I’m over you?

There are times that you’ve been around
You would’ve seen me broken down
But now I’m not, I’m over you So if I seem a little bit cold
It only mean you lost the hope
You had on me, I’m over you

You heard I’m…

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