Chai And A Chat #157 #ChaiAndAChat

But I Smile Anyway...

And it’s a wrap! The first term of the year has finally come to an end, and I am exhausted!

So, got your drink ready? We had a busy one!

  • If we were having chai I’d tell you that the last week of term was not without it’s usual drama as always. From introducing and celebrating Halloween and Harvest festival, a little Active day, and the individual school photos, it was busy from start to finish! We had a lovely display of pumpkins which my specials took a particular liking to, and we wven foun done with a little bitemark in it! On Thursday, we had an Active day. The rest of the school were doing something we call personal best, which is when they come in to the hall and do a series of HITT style ecercises, and record on a sheet what they did. Then each term, they have…

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