Truth or dare….


Truth or dare

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Take no chances. Have no adventures." 

                                 Truth or dare….

Life, my friend. A odd game that no-one can win.
I do like the game of truth or dare.

I never told the truth. I was seduced by the dare.
I dare you to kiss Suzy.
I dare you to whisper Mary Worth three times in the darkness.
I dare you to jump off the three story building. I did it three times.
Drunk fools never get hurt.

Life is luck and chance. He who had lived.
He doesn’t hold regret.

I chased after things I shouldn’t have. Now I hold memories of long legs beauties and
many slow dances in the arms of lady midnight was my reward.

I free climbed every mountain near. I met the hawks and the eagles.
I was near death with no place to go…

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