Torn angel…


Torn Angel…..

My broken Angel.
Please smile for me.
Stay with me at the sea all night.

Your world has fallen apart.
You don’t know right from wrong.
Desperate acts had left you feeling
dirty and insulated from everyone.

Please take my hand.Walk with a man who swims in shit most
of his life.

There’s no angels on this Earth.
Only us struggling to make amends.

We all must do things we are ashamed of.
The world isn’t clean anymore.
Not enough helping hands.

There is no pity for the people in plight today.
I know we get fatigue and humiliated to
believing we are worthless and destitute.

My wounded Angel.
Please take my hand.
Walk with a contaminated man.
Jaded kisses and broken promises had
left me empty.
The not so sweet taste of life has turn me bitter.

Sad Angel whispered.
“I’m a dumping ground for men

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