I couldn’t find you..


I couldn’t find you

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"We need people to excite our imagination first. The flesh can forget. The mind yearn for more." 

                                I couldn’t find you….

Where are you my sweet lover? I looked for your sweet words.
Kind whispers that made me know madness and made me dream again.

In sweet places where my imagination ran free. I told you.
Save me.
Break me.
Take me to new places.
Allow me to swim in the heat of your body.
Let us become one.

I dreamed of you.
I image you laying nude and free.
No secret to protect or shield.

I want to say your name a thousand times.
Lay into your breasts in tender embrace and know.
You are mine and I’m yours.

Touch me, hold me,
make me come alive are words hidden in kind dreams.

I couldn’t find you.

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