Hello, Again

Welcome Back Tara!!!!

Raw Earth Ink

Dear friends; Well, it’s been a month since I posted anything here…. and that was something that had been scheduled for a month prior. So, about two months of inactivity, so the stats say.

Part of me cares. Part of me doesn’t. Part of me feels like I should offer an explanation. Most of me feels like, in the big scheme of things… no one (or rather, very few) really cares if or why I have been absent. Everything sounds like excuses.

To the five or so people who reached out to check in on me, your messages truly touched me and in every case, brought a smile to my heart. Thank you. I sincerely mean that: thank you. Knowing that I crossed a couple minds in the world, enough to reach out, wow, it’s humbling and I have no better words for you. I wish I did.

While I…

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