I couldn’t find you..


I couldn’t find you

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"We need people to excite our imagination first. The flesh can forget. The mind yearn for more." 

                                I couldn’t find you….

Where are you my sweet lover? I looked for your sweet words.
Kind whispers that made me know madness and made me dream again.

In sweet places where my imagination ran free. I told you.
Save me.
Break me.
Take me to new places.
Allow me to swim in the heat of your body.
Let us become one.

I dreamed of you.
I image you laying nude and free.
No secret to protect or shield.

I want to say your name a thousand times.
Lay into your breasts in tender embrace and know.
You are mine and I’m yours.

Touch me, hold me,
make me come alive are words hidden in kind dreams.

I couldn’t find you.

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Truth or dare….


Truth or dare

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Take no chances. Have no adventures." 

                                 Truth or dare….

Life, my friend. A odd game that no-one can win.
I do like the game of truth or dare.

I never told the truth. I was seduced by the dare.
I dare you to kiss Suzy.
I dare you to whisper Mary Worth three times in the darkness.
I dare you to jump off the three story building. I did it three times.
Drunk fools never get hurt.

Life is luck and chance. He who had lived.
He doesn’t hold regret.

I chased after things I shouldn’t have. Now I hold memories of long legs beauties and
many slow dances in the arms of lady midnight was my reward.

I free climbed every mountain near. I met the hawks and the eagles.
I was near death with no place to go…

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Torn angel…


Torn Angel…..

My broken Angel.
Please smile for me.
Stay with me at the sea all night.

Your world has fallen apart.
You don’t know right from wrong.
Desperate acts had left you feeling
dirty and insulated from everyone.

Please take my hand.Walk with a man who swims in shit most
of his life.

There’s no angels on this Earth.
Only us struggling to make amends.

We all must do things we are ashamed of.
The world isn’t clean anymore.
Not enough helping hands.

There is no pity for the people in plight today.
I know we get fatigue and humiliated to
believing we are worthless and destitute.

My wounded Angel.
Please take my hand.
Walk with a contaminated man.
Jaded kisses and broken promises had
left me empty.
The not so sweet taste of life has turn me bitter.

Sad Angel whispered.
“I’m a dumping ground for men

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Can’t return no-more…


Can return no more.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Words and actions can create closed bridges that can’t be repaired."     

                    Can return no more….

We can dwell in paradise,
Swim in pleasure and sweet dreams.
We will believe time is our friend.

We know the sun will rise and fall into the sea and
the dust will turn into night. Love will grow and falter.

Lucky lovers know.
Love is measured in seconds,
a lucky person knows to hold on tight when the fire is hot.

We are vulnerable to weaknesses,
love will decay and the heart will turn cold.
Pretty faces who sweet lips made us feel safe,
Can’t be found no-more.

Beautiful maiden who spark hope and desire,
once were young and hopeful.
We left them alone to learn sadness and pity.

Woman are gifts to wise men.
A man with common sense
is kind and…

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Do you have a filter?

Keep it alive

Kids are naive, there is no filter on either their words or thoughts. But as they grow up, they are taught to put filters on their words. They may think things but they should not say what ever is on their minds.

We program our children like we were programmed. Think before you speak is one of the advice frequently given to us and then given by us to the young ones.

Is it right though?

Are we teaching hypocrisy to our kids? We may not like someone but we have to keep our feelings hidden to not offend them. If we blurt out the truth by mistake, we end up in hot water.

Growing up changes us. We lose the naivety and innocence of our childhood and learn tact. We learn to be diplomatic and filter our words before uttering them. We learn that being polite is more important…

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Love Failed

Confab With Me

Those promises we made holding hands, 
and the love we saw in the eyes
that was never going to end,

when we enjoyed the summer breeze
dwelling in love
and swelled in the winterwarmth
flowing through your voice,

the songs that we hummed in unity,
the poetries I wrote
praising your beauty,

the care we deeply felt
in each other’s thoughts,
the prayers we offered
drenched in love

All those promises,
the seamless love,
the touch of summer breeze,
the warmth of winter thoughts,
the songs we hummed,
the poetries that rhymed,
the care we felt,
the prayers we made,
have betrayed our souls,
for the endless love
has become transient,
and the silence now screams
with an eldritchtone

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