Magick and Fire

Kim V. Poetry

You are the night,
So cloak me with your stars.
Breathe life back into me.
Bathe me in your darkness
And caress me with your
Midnight kisses.
Fill me with your magick.
Fill me with your fire.

Because I love you so.

You are vital to me.
Like the blood in my veins
And the bones in my body.
You are the sweetest nothings
In my psyche.
You are beyond the

You are a wonder of wonders.
Water and stone,
Air and fire.
My future and my past.

You are my ultimate destiny.
Fate and divine timing,
Placed into my soul
For safekeeping.

You rose out of the ashes
And burned your light so bright,
I felt like I could touch the sun.

I can feel you in my mind
And taste your love in my dreams.
I can see miracles because
Of your Magick.
I can survive the…

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