Blinding Light

Charmed Chaos

Photo by Mathilda Khoo on Unsplash

Those moments
when the mirror is clear
are like chasing black crows
with my piercing eagle eyes
gleaming with clarity.

Tomorrow’s news will come
but the longer I live, our future
becomes less, for there is
a torrent of chaotic madness

When a true path forward becomes lost
all bright dreams of a vibrant
and tranquil world will disappear

You see, I am much too fond
of this thing we call love
So I soar above for these
are troubling times filled
with intense sorrow

I will lie down on a grassy knoll
watch clouds drift, dream of our earth
washed in a river of pure love-
not flooded by humanity’s blindness

I will write of goodness and of love
where happiness reigns and the air fragrant
with the scent of sweet healing sage burning
For here, there is no place for tears or…

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