Pineapple Boy

You Lil Dickens

One Word: WOW + Two Words: Online Dating = Three Words: NEVER. EVER. AGAIN.

Dating. Definition according to me: 1. a form of courtship between two individuals resulting in forced awkward situations, 2. subjecting oneself to absurd lunacy.

Observe! Pictorial evidence! This comedic nightmare come to life is actually pretty hilarious — now. Though, at the time, I was really freaked out.

Please do NOT judge my poor hair choices and bear in mind I was in my early twenties.

Pineapple Boy and I went out for coffee first, that went well, so we went to dinner, once. He seemed like the quintessential nice guy. No red flags. But I came down with something the day before the 3rd date and felt miserable. I neglected to answer my phone or return any texts for 24 hours. Little did I know, he had blown up my phone with texts and voicemails…

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