I want to see you again….


I want to see you again.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Good days become sweet dreams with time."

                  I want to see you again….

The powerful Pacific ocean hide the love stories of fearless lovers.
I wandered the beaches of Monterey.
I looked at faces. Chasing ghosts of old lovers and sweet kisses.
Longing for the embrace of sweet lovers lost in time.

I sit with my sweet red wine. I wander to better days and beautiful faces.
I remember my beautiful Beatrice. She loved the sea.
We would hold each other tightly.
Listening to the music of the waves and the breeze.

The empty beach was our paradise.
We needed some wine and a blanket to protect us from the cold night.
I remember my beautiful Beatrice dancing alone with the ghost of unknown past.
She would bring me up and we would dance like free Gypsies with…

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