My lady…. Written in 1982.


My lady

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"A old poem written by a sad heart. Written in 1982.)


My lady….

My lady,
I still cry out in sweet dreams your name.

So long since our lips had touched.
I still wish upon a star,
 to be able to look into your eyes, kiss the softness of your lips.

I wish to awake with your body near.
To put my face into your long blond hair.
Be intoxicated by my love for you.

I wish to hold your tender hands on a walk by the lake.
Two young titans with love as our shield.

My lady of joy and happiness.
Allow me to remember you sweetly.
For only in your arms did I feel complete.

Salvation I cannot find.
The knife of disappointment is cutting away my tenderness.
Your love is the only loss I can’t get over.

My lady,

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Colin Powell, a great man.


(I was lucky. I met Colin Powell three times. I was doing hot-refuel in the Iraq war one. We (The soldiers) would refuel Apache helicopters while they were moving. Red Cross taking wounded soldiers to a safe place. Colin Powell and Dick Cheney had to leave the Huey Helicopters. The Huey Helicopters could be refueled only if not running. He and Dick Cheney would talk us soldiers. I set-up a cold drink container and I had some snacks for the people waiting. Colin Powell asked us. “You always take care of us, when we are waiting. Do you need anything. “I told him, we need fresh newspapers, mail and books. We rarely get at Camp Zebra. He turned to the pilot. He told her. “Could you ensure the soldiers at Camp Zebra get their newspapers, mail and books.” She smiled and she told him. Easy problem to fix General Powell…

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We both are tenants
Trapped within the rubik cube love
Shaped by our shoulders
Resting against each other
And there is no escape;
For our landlocked lips
Shifting like dry grass
Under the music of sorrel wind
Other than lying on different shores
Waiting for the same tide
To ferry us away
Towards a sunset and a sunrise
Splitting our world; two indifferent ways.

You count the stars between your fingers
And I vanish, like a thin piece of ice
A spectre, yet unfound, in the jigsaw world
Left alone to wander the newspaper streets
Those daily retreats of hourly love
Bought with midnight mascara and silk stockings
Rubbed raw between the eyes and thighs
Of mad men and maddening women
Looking for a cheap trip to the paradise

I hear the tea cup tinkle
And know you have taken a sip
Of the warm clove water
Left upon the…

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The dance of emotion…


The dance of emotion

The dance of emotion

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Life is fair. We must give to receive." 

The Dance of Emotion….

A sweet angel was waiting on the bed for me. Her skimpy negligee showing silky smooth skin. She told me. Come to me please. I went to her and sat close to her.

She desired proof of love. I traced her body with my fingers. Her perfume create a havoc. I desired to taste her tender skin. Ravish her voluptuous body.

I whispered. All I can give to you is a rendezvous of a misguided man with the desire of illicit and raunchy sex.
I had a meltdown in the emotion of love. Nullified my heart so long ago. My only redemption is my desire not to teach you the melody of tarnish words and leave you alone in the seize of hate and…

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Heavy Affection


How can I describe you in words,

when the meaning becomes nothing to your heart.

I’ve sent roses that I once grew in my yard,

they didn’t wither but I still plucked them

for bestowing in your feet, in love that one day would drift me apart.

From me and the soul, I have,

it becomes unbearable sometimes,

As I possess the heavy affection of all kind.

-Riya Shah

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