Crossword Love

The Twisting Tail

I    B   E    C   O   M   E   D   I    Z
Z    Y   W   H   E   N   E   V   E   R 
I    S    E    E   C   R   O   S   S   W
O   R    D   S   A   N   D   J    U   M
B    L   E    S   Y   O   U   M   A   K
E   M   E    F   E    E    L   T   H   E 
S   A   M   E   W   A   Y   M   A   Y
B    E    I    N   E    E    D   T   O   T
R   Y    T   H   E    M   W   I    T   H 
L   O    V    I   N    G    E    Y   E   S

Welcome to games week! Posts this week will be in celebration of games and puzzles.

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The Distraction of Now

The Twisting Tail

It’s like opening 100 tabs in your browser at once and trying to do something different in each one at the same time. Then someone walks up and wants to have a conversation.

Jennifer Arnott

Not now
Okay, nnnnnnnnnnnow
Quickly NOW
Now, now, now
Why is it always now?

My mind is an e x p a n s e
Littered with upright needle points
With no clear path I c o l l e c t
C o a t i n g m y j u t t i n g j o i n t s

I sparkle in the desert
A beacon of distraction

What came first
Or forcing youth to school
Too early

Starting School Early MAY Be Tied To ADHD Symptoms In Children

What time is now
But an instant
Without measure
A handful of tornado
In the open air

My mood…

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If….. if only or what if?

Keep it alive

Linda is the host of One Liner Wednesday

If we stopped using “if only” or “what if” in our conversation or even in our thinking, I personally feel that we would fare much better in life;

Wishful thinking starting with 

If only…….

Or maybe

What if…….

It leads our hearts into an unending quagmire

We get so involved in what could’ve been or would’ve been

That we lose sight of what IS and what we have!

This week our prompt is;

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “if.”Start your post with the word “If.” Enjoy!



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Keep it alive

Approach your destination resolutely 

Keep on looking at the goal unwaveringly

There will be many temptations on the side streets

Enticing you to abandon your purpose just for a while

Just take a deep breath and follow your goal single-mindedly

The twists of destiny are mighty strange

They will lead you to a place already marked for you


Judyhas given us a prompt ;

Okay, for the first time, I have prompt words for you. I challenge you to write a poem or prose piece making use of these words: approach, looking, street, breath, strange.


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