Featured Poet in the Muddy Poetry Review #25, Fall Edition 2021

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I’m thrilled to be one of the #featuredpoets in the Fall edition of the Muddy poetry Review. So honored to share the space with the fellow featured poets Sha Huang, Doug Holder, David P. Miller, Jane Williams,Anatoly Molotkov, and Vince Gotera. Also, happy to share space with Patricia Carragon, Betsy Mars, Carrie Magnus Radna, Kate Flaherty, Rachel Ikins and many more. There is also a special tribute to the wife of Doug Holder, late Dianne Robitaille, wife of Doug Holder who died this past August.

As a featured poems, five  poems of mine appeared in this issue namely “Needs and Wants”, “Hope”, “Transgressions of He Man” , “My Piece of Earth” and “False Arrangement”. You can read them here

Muddy Poetry Review is published by Zvi  A Sesling. He is the Editor & Publisher of the Muddy River Poetry Review. He has taught at  at Boston…

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