Grasping the Wind

Roth Poetry

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Grasping the Wind

You can’t hold on to what you will never have…

Those days of youth and vigor pass as we age

leaving some grasping for what is lost;

Seeking a fresh a new look // a temporary fix.

No matter how much we doctor up our body

or keep a regimented exercise routine…

It is still the same old engine wearing down

purring along with a few hits and misses;

But. still with the same number of miles on it!

Replacement parts and filler do not change

the fact that in time life will  run its course.

Temporary fixes are just that…. Temporary.

Live life to the full as long as you can…

Don’t fight the finality // embrace it.

Enjoy family and friends who love you as you are;

Think of all the lifetimes you have already lived.

When this temporary one passes…

God’s light and love…

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