While Trouble Is Trending

Allison Marie Conway

I light up a cigarette and continue staring into the shadowy darkness of the unfolding night. In the thin cold air, the contours of your face emerge from within the white curls of smoke and then evaporate and disappear as though nothing ever happened between us. As if you weren’t the one outside looking in. In and out of my life because I can never decide and decisions aren’t as important to you as dragging a thing through the slogs of proverbial mud to its inevitable filthy death on the side of a road less traveled.

It’s funny how we trade our bodies for a little bit of goddamn time alone. Women know this. We know how to toss ourselves, raw and trembling, out to the wolves and somehow find peace in the way at least while we are being devoured the exhaustion of the hunt is over. If they…

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