Spotlight Poetry – Musicians Wrestle Everywhere – A poem by Emily Dickinson

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The image depicts a painting titled Music by the artist Vicky Barranguet,. The work is a vibrant abstract expressionist work painted live at a performance with a live jazz trio in New York City. The image supports the poem Musicians Wrestle Everywhere written by the poet Emily Dickinson.
© Vicky Barranguet, Music, 2007

Musicians Wrestle Everywhere by Emily Dickinson

Musicians wrestle everywhere –
All day – among the crowded air

I hear the silver strife –
And – walking – long before the morn –
Such transport breaks upon the town
I think it that New Life!

If is not Bird – it has no nest –
Nor Band – in brass and scarlet – drest –
Nor Tamborin – nor Man –
It is not Hymn from pulpit read

The Morning Stars the Treble led
On Time’s first Afternoon!

Some – say – it is the Spheres – at play!
Some say that bright Majority

Of vanished Dames – and Men!
Some – think it service in the place
Where we – with late – celestial face
Please God – shall Ascertain!

Poem Attribution © Emily Dickinson, Musicians Wrestle Everywhere

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