July Fire in Barbed Wire {6}

You Lil Dickens

I apologize to all the regulars for making you hold off for months now. This is something I’m working on, hopefully, my installments will become more consistent. If you’d like to catch up or refresh your recollection you can find my complete anthology: Injustice: My Bell Jar Diaries Page, at the link below, the stories, currently {1}-{6}, and supporting pieces.


Readers Beware
These are true stories that may shock you — anger and haunt you. Posts under this category may contain disturbing content and language that could upset or trigger individuals.

It was July, in Oklahoma, we hit record highs that summer. I remember the sound of a famous Oklahoman, the Great Gary England of News 9, the best meteorologist our state has ever had, delivering the daily forecast. I pulled on my boots and walked out the door as I heard him say, “It’s gonna…

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