Holding Hands (with audio)

Come and Enjoy the verses and the Audio from Bree!!

Secret Thoughts Within

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We should sit silently for a while
interlace our fingers
hold hands

I could trace over your wrist
with a delicate touch
acquaint myself with each callous on your palm

You could brush a thumb over my rings
place thoughtful kisses on my hands
memorise the curves of my fingerprints

We should spend time together
inside the sweet intimacy
of holding hands

There is something so sensual and intimate about touch another’s hands don’t you think?

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Variations on a Theme

Dark Side of the Moon

A new day dawns
and brings with it a new set of challenges
a new opportunity for success
another chance for defeat
out of which new triumph may grow—
the day is new
but the theme is old
old as earth
old as time

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a poem written in exactly 44 words
free verse or rhymed, at poet’s discretion

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