The Amrita Connection

Every time you feel broken,
Think of yourself as unfinished,
A first draft of a mystery novel
Whose plot twists can be edited
A hundred times over before
The final version is published.

What if you could rewrite everything
And, imagination is your only hindrance?
Indulge in that day dreaming.
If your mind cannot conceive
The life that you want
How do you expect the Universe
To conspire and make it happen?

You may not have felt seen yet.
You may not have felt heard yet.
You may not have loved your deepest yet.
You may not have lived everywhere yet.
The key word is yet.

You are the creator of your own destiny.
It may take you more time
To arrive at your masterpiece,
But, don’t let it not happen
Because you don’t believe in yourself yet.
Because you haven’t surrendered
Your spirit to it yet.

Beauty comes from…

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