Press ctrl+F5 or not (OctPoWriMo)


(From Pexel)

Day 9

Prompt: Relax and Refresh

Form: Loop

Bones when achy, scream rest
Resting with a book seems the best
Best to curl in a corner quiet
Quiet is the balm needed to revive
Revived finally feel my achy bones.

Tangled nerves make my mind jangled
Jangled mind needs calming down
Down I sit with a cup of tea
Tea soothes with the aroma of undulating Darjeeling hills
Hilled mind gradually uncoils and untangles.

Thoughts trouble me and hold sway
Swaying to inner rhythms I measure and weigh
Weighing thoughts quietly ebb out
Out of oven come baked good to satiate
Satiated thus I think happy thoughts.

Tired feet protest carrying weight all day
Day’s work done I prop them upu
Ups and downs I need to discuss
Discuss heart to heart with a friend
Friends best antidote when tired.

Life moves at a whirlwind speed
Speed never…

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