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How is your Tuesday going?  Today is can’t decide whether to rain or not. I am about to go on a walk with my daughter. I have a feeling that it is just waiting for me to step outside. Whether the sun is shining or not where you are, I hope the following quotes bring some sunshine to your heart! Enjoy! And if its raining go for a walk anyway. 












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Beach Bliss (collab)

Come and Enjoy!!

Secret Thoughts Within

By Cassa Bassa and Bree Leto

Let me be the sea breeze caressing your sun bleached hair
My urging breath dances on your bronzing shoulders and coats your lips with a crystalline salty kiss

Let me be the fine sand between your thighs like a wayward soul seeking paradise
I’ll warm up your skin to bring a pink blush to your cheeks as I explore every inch of your summer soaked body

It’s the Pacific sun burning my mind
You are making me hungry, thirsty and possessive
I become a predator roaming for my prey till twilight

Let me overtake your senses with my crashing passion as the moon pulls in the tide
My every neuron charging along the ebb and flow of your sinew body
Breaking into your veins and crevices over and over till eternity

The night owl hides in the blackwood
The moon blushes into wattle flakes

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Believe in yourself

Confab With Me

Best gift you can give to yourself is believinginyou

Shantanu Baruah #byme #amwriting

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