Heart 2 Heart

Kim V. Poetry

My heart blossomed,
In the dirty soil between the cracks.
And unloved
It grew,
Waiting for someone like you.

Through the rain and the
Through the pain
And the weariness,
This heart grew
Smaller and smaller
Losing hope that you would come.
Losing hope in love, itself.

And then one night
I saw you in
The light of the Full moon.
Budding in the cracks
Besides my own.

I thought I’d be alone forever
Passed by,
By strangers on the street.
Never remembered
Always forgotten.
But there you were.
Like magic.

I feared that perhaps I’d waited
Too long.
Too long to be loved.
Too long to be cared for.
Too long to remember what love even
Felt like.

I feared that I had forgotten how to love.

It’s too soon, I think, to tell you this,
But my heart hurts to be with you.
It aches at…

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