A Year Later πŸ’‹ I am A Warrior..pics below πŸ’‹

Wonderful message of hope and strength!!!


A Year Later and years later as well!

Never realizing the psychological damage that stalking from one and narcissistic abuse from another could have such a negative yet positive impact on my life!

You may have hurt me you may have damaged me BUT YOU DIDNT BREAK ME!

Your weakness made me stronger and wiser and made me the beautiful and confident woman I am today!

I thought I was always strong and beautiful before but you made me a warrior and the scars you created upon my heart my mind and soul made me fight harder then I ever have in life and my success is your failure!

This video and those lyrics match my words I played this video last year it strikes and burns the truths of my inner being….. for you only God can forgive you for what you have done to not only me but…

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