Caffeine Lovers

Secret Thoughts Within

Original image by Sean Yoko found here

You welcome me with your sexy smile
a silent sensual opening amongst the caffeine infused air
I’m hooked on your addictive elixir

My order’s taken with subtleties only we detect

Here’s your change

Thank you so much

If I was on the other side of that counter
we’d exchange kisses for clothing

With the swirl of lust frothing in our eyes
we pillow talk about our respective evenings
unspoken curiosity weighing on our tongues

Our non-verbal conversation is more straightforward
casual fingers running through hair
lick of the lips
eyes that undress
a leaning arm on the counter
O how we wish for a few more moments
of this delicious flirtation

We can’t get enough of these coffee shop smiles
we want more of these steam-filled caresses
but my order is up
We make love as the cup changes hands

Have a great…

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Brick, upon another brick…


Brick, upon another brick..

Men, believe in his youth. Life is his to take. Young men believe life is now, just borrow and steal everything you can. Tomorrow may not come. He learn one day. Better to celebrate each new day with gusto. You shall pay for every sin done one day.

If you live long enough. You learn we are just bricks, upon another brick. Learning, falling, rising and seeking some sort of salvation. We will be many people and we shall act many parts. If we are lucky, with old age, we gained wisdom.

I am 63 years old. I was a soldier, I was a business man making money for big companies and a writer to some. I was a lover, I was a drinker, I was a hell-raiser, I was a father and now I am a grandfather.

Life goes so damn fast and I lost…

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The last chance motel…


 The last chance motel…

Summer Texas night, cold drink and no-place to go. Michigan dreamer, drinking his Long Island teas and writing into a journal. “Song of my father, songs of the long highways, more goodbye songs than hello. Pretty memories don’t bring joy no-more, shallow man broke a angel heart and he learned. The Iron Mountain girl was right. She told him. You will miss me more than today. My lasting kisses will burn your heart and your soul. You will wish for me when the night is cold and lonely.”

He watched the pretty Texas girls dance at midnight hours. The midnight hours is when the last people on earth must decide to go home alone or seek a companion to fulfill needs of the skin, needs of the flesh.

Pretty Texas girl requested a dance and he accepted. The lingering dance expand to the slow dances and the…

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A Year Later 💋 I am A below 💋

Wonderful message of hope and strength!!!


A Year Later and years later as well!

Never realizing the psychological damage that stalking from one and narcissistic abuse from another could have such a negative yet positive impact on my life!

You may have hurt me you may have damaged me BUT YOU DIDNT BREAK ME!

Your weakness made me stronger and wiser and made me the beautiful and confident woman I am today!

I thought I was always strong and beautiful before but you made me a warrior and the scars you created upon my heart my mind and soul made me fight harder then I ever have in life and my success is your failure!

This video and those lyrics match my words I played this video last year it strikes and burns the truths of my inner being….. for you only God can forgive you for what you have done to not only me but…

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